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In a recent piece for Real Leaders, Richard Branson spoke with journalist Neill Duffy about doing business for, good and how to profit against caring for the planet and for people.

The Virgin Group Founder, as well as mentioning key points for good leadership in today’s business world, spoke of the environmental and philanthropic measures he’s taking to ensure that Virgin are not only working to help the economy, but the environment and communities surrounding it.

As well as talking about his many businesses, Richard spoke in depth about  each initiative that’s been created to change the way the world operates in business. From the Carbon War Room, to the Ocean Elders to the Virgin Earth Challenge:  

“Removing CO2 from the air is essential if we are to maintain life on this planet.

So we created Virgin Earth Challenge as one of the biggest prizes on earth as an incentive for scalable and sustainable net-carbon-negative activities, and that’s not an easy status to achieve. 

“Thanks to the excellent work being done, it’s not a question of “if ” there’ll be a winner, but rather “when.” 

To tackle larger future sustainability challenges, Richard also resolved that governments and businesses must collaborate to work on new entrepreneurial approaches:

“We need to create the right market environments for ideas to thrive and grow, including getting capital flowing into them and the right government policies in place.

Carbon Neutral ?

Carbon neutral means that – through a transparent process of calculating missions, reducing those emissions and offsetting residual emissions – net carbon emissions equal zero”
DECC definition of carbon neutrality

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